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During my work designing gardens and researching into traumatic brain injury and other disabilities I come across a number of organizations, some of whom are helpful, some of whom are less so. The links on this page, are for those organizations/people/charities that I have found to be particularly helpful. I would like to make it clear however, that this page is not one of endorsement but is to provide potential assistance. If you find any of these links particularly helpful, or know others where you have received information, encouragement or assistance please do let me know. I would be delighted to include them.

FirstLight Trust
The FirstLight Trust is a grass-roots, community-based charity which assists the 'hard to reach' veterans who have fallen through the net and may have ended up on the streets. Those who don't know where to turn, where to go or what to do.

Brain Injury Group
Brain injury claims | Head injury compensation claim services from expert lawyers | Injuries to the brain, head trauma, support rehabilitation and FREE ADVICE

Jacqueline Webb & Co Ltd
Rehabilitation cost consultants, UK. Jacqueline Webb & Co produce reports for personal injury lawyers and insurance companies supporting clinical negligence or personal injury claims.

The Family Fund
The Family Fund helps families with severely disabled children to have choices and the opportunity to enjoy ordinary life.

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