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About Us

When asked ‘What do you do?’ I answer ‘Solve problems’. And I can think of nothing that gives me greater pleasure.

Gardens are truly joyful, living entities quite often with a mind of their own! And they impact our lives in many extraordinary ways. The view from your window is as important as the view you get when you walk into your home. I love being able to see my garden from the inside of my house as well as from the outside. It is, for me, my centring point; a place to go/look at, to find peace, joy, laughter and company. Gardens entertain; they heal, live and grow. And it is my pleasure to assist you in enjoying them.

Gardens have for centuries and across cultures been recognised for their unique therapeutic powers, and part of the work I do is designing gardens specifically for people affected by neural disabilities.

My name is Dorinda Wolfe Murray and I was fortunate enough to design my first garden for a traumatically brain injured (TBI) client in 2005. The personal rewards and the difference the garden made to my client made me determined to design and build more gardens to assist with rehabilitation. And so Independent Gardening Ltd was established in 2010. My work now encompasses autism, cerebral palsy, PTSD, and other disabilities. Being selfish, I have to admit that the personal rewards are massive. It is always a privilege to take a garden and with the client’s vision transform it into their own personal dream. In many instances I don’t even have the hard work of doing the design; many of my clients know what they want and I effectively project manage it to reality.

Independent Gardening Limited
c/o Wilkins Kennedy, Greytown House,
221 High Street, Orpington BR6 0NZ, UK

Phone 0845 519 6436
Mobile 07971 239 058
Email dwm@independentgardening.co.uk